Two Doves

Doug Elkins

I wrote this song for my brother Adam who passed away in June of 2020. Adam and I were incredibly close. We also hadn’t spoken for at least a couple of years. It's complicated, but those two facts have made his death that much more difficult for me.

A couple of weeks after his passing, I was sitting on a beach with my family and I had my lyric book open. I had a vision in my mind of doves being let go in the air, so I picked up my pencil and scribbled the first few lines of the song:

“This morning I saw two doves.
I bought them for you,
Well, they were for me too.”

That was all I wrote that afternoon and I thought that was a decent start. However, the weirdest thing happened just a couple of days later when two doves actually showed up in my backyard and planned to stay.

The nest was in a ridiculous place – on top of a video projector that hangs off the ceiling of my back patio – and the first day, I only saw the beginnings of a nest and one of the two doves. I shooed her away and got rid of the few twigs and things they had put together. The second day, I came out and there was a fully formed nest and two doves sitting there like they were at home. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I shooed the birds but they wouldn't budge, so -- and I didn't feel great about this -- I turned the hose on them. The doves flew away and after they left, I cleared away the nest, and fashioned an elaborate, spiky chicken-wire sculpture to put on top of the projector to keep them away. I was sure that would keep them away..

The next morning, I came out only to find the doves sitting there in a new nest, squished up in a tiny corner of the chicken wire, looking at me like ‘Hey! What’s up?’ Ugh, these stupid doves! For the last time, I cleared out the nest and built the most elaborate, jagged, doom-filled object I could imagine and filled the space above the projector. The next day, the doves were gone.

The whole dove incident added an other-worldliness to the whole process of putting this song together. I have to admit I often felt Adam’s presence as I was working on it. I’ll also admit that I’m a bit out of my mind in general. Mostly though, I’m grateful, especially during these times that have been challenging to so many, that I have this creative outlet in my life and I'm happy as ever to pour myself into it. I channeled a lot of the grief in my heart into this song. Maybe it won’t win a Grammy (maybe it will, who knows!), but it’s already served it's higher purpose for me.

I hope you listen and enjoy. Much love.
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  1. Two Doves

Don't Walk Away

Doug Elkins

This track is off of my forthcoming LP, which is still untitled but is a deliberation on love, hate and other four letter words. When I wrote this song, it really was fiction. However, somehow in the process of finishing it, it became almost self-fulfilling and I actually found myself singing it to my spouse in quite a real way one night. I'm pleased to report it served its purpose that evening -- no one walked away from anyone -- and it continues to be one of my new favorites.
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Mother Jones

Doug Elkins

Disenfranchisement. The bitter truth: the real people in power here in America and abroad simply could give a ‘f…’ about anybody’s interest but their own. Companies like Monsanto continue to poison the world, the financial systems that gutted the world economy continue to thrive, etc. The guilty go unpunished. The huddled masses continue to huddle. My bleeding liberal heart is sickened -- can someone please heal my Mother Jones?
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  1. Mother Jones

Staring Up at a Big Blue Sky (Singles)

Doug Elkins

My best, 1998 - 2018.
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    Spent 4:04
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    One 3:40
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21st Century Blues

Doug Elkins

Back towards the end of last century, I wrote a song called the "20th Century Blues" for my band Petting Zoo. It wasn't much of a song - just a funky riff and a chorus (or was it a verse?) that went "It's the 20th century blues, uh huh". I never recorded it or even really finished it. We would play it live because it had a funky groove and would get people moving -- it just wasn't much of a song.

Anyway, fast-forward a whole bunch of years and somehow the idea that sparked the song that was never much of a song is finally is getting its due. TBH, there really isn't all that much that is similar in the two songs except the title, the key it's in and that line 'It's the ___ Century Blues"

A different century, but still plenty to sing the blues about.

'Anyway, I love you... let's get this right!'
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